Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sensitive People Commit less Crime, Hurt Less People, Create more Good in Society!

This is a growing trend. Sensitive people are becoming more prevalent in our society than ever before.

This is seen as violent sports is decreasing in popularity every year. Sure they're still plenty of men and women that enjoy them, but the numbers are decreasing as people embrace their sensitive side.

Violent crime is also decreasing. This is partly due to the internet, technology, and the improvement in our quality of life. It's getting easier to do more and more from home and therefore many are not out on the streets as much and it makes sense that the crime rate is dropping due to this.

Also, it could be due to people's increasing sensitivity towards others and the rest of the world. It's becoming easier to pick up a computer and learn about the struggles, hopes, and dreams of others in the world. Understanding brings acceptance and less prejudice among different types of people.

Traditionally, especially with men our society shunned emotions and being sensitive. No more. It's accepted now and even encouraged for men to show their sensitivity as they are rewarded by the women in their life as being bigger men for it.

The growing sensitive nature of people are also participating in more philanthropy. When people think sensitively they tend to think of others, especially of those in need. It makes sense that there's a growing desire to give back and people are doing it in greater numbers than ever before.

One thing is for sure, it's good to be sensitive in this world. Let your sensitive flag fly!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Find Love by Dating Sensitive People!


If you're a woman and you like the bad boy, in hollywood the bad boy is sexy right? But in real life the emotionally sensitive man is a MUCH better choice! The same goes for men with the bad girl. The emotionally sensitive woman is a far better choice and will make you more happy. The way she makes you feel emotionally will far surpass any physical attributes she might have. This is because sensitive people will be able to think about what you feel and even anticipate what you need emotionally. A sensitive partner will be able to validate your emotions with love and will create greater intimacy in your relationship. How to find a sensitive person you might ask? It's not always easy. Sensitive people like myself tend to be more introverted and are not as outgoing as other people. We might be the person in the room that has to most intelligent and insightful thing to say, yet we keep it to ourselves because we don't want to draw unnecessary attention and overshadow other people's feelings which is a big concern for sensitive people. If you're single, good luck on your relationship search either way and I hope you all can find happiness.

Remember that you might find love in the most sensitive places!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Women, you are the Superior Sex!


Women, you are beautiful just the way all of you are! Don't let a man, any man, or society tell you how to look or act. Love yourself! You are superior to us in every single way. A secret a lot of men don't want to tell you is that you are the superior sex. You need to rise up, and take all of the white man's powerful jobs in the world, and take your rightful place as our better, more intelligent half. This is coming from a man who loves women. I love my mother and I love my wife. Women you are smarter, stop questioning your superiority and embrace it. We love you, on behalf of men, or at least most men.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can You Change the World?


How can one change the world? Think Global! We must first change ourselves, and our way of thinking. In this video I explore questions that can allow one to question themselves and the world around them to inspire change. The power of positive thinking and global change is astounding. We are in a constant state of change as a culture and as individuals. How we think is the secret and makes all the difference!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Sensitive People Make Better Romantic Relationship Partners

If you are struggling to have good meaningful romantic relationships, try dating someone that is more sensitive! Sensitive people will be able to think about how you feel and even anticipate what you need. A sensitive partner will be able to validate your emotions with love to create greater intimacy in your relationship.

How do you find a sensitive partner you might ask? It's not easy because sensitive people tend not to be as assertive as people that are not as sensitive and more outgoing. You really need to seek them out. They are like a diamond in the rough. In the room they might be the person with the most intelligent and insightful thing to say but they keep it to themselves because they don't want to draw attention to themselves and overshadow other people's feelings.

They are acutely aware of other people's feelings. You'll notice that when you meet a sensitive person they will likely listen much more than they talk. This is because they are actively studying you and your emotions. They will usually be an expert with empathy - being able to understand how other people feel and why they feel that way. You will likely feel emotionally taken care of with a sensitive person.

In a relationship, sensitive people will continue to improve in their actions and their emotions. As you become more intimate they will discover your true emotions and will hold them in the highest regard. Then they will search for more ways to increase intimacy and greater satisfaction and emotional harmony in your relationship.

Put simply, you simply cannot go wrong when deciding to date or marry a sensitive person. They are a loyal and wonderful lifelong partner. Women, if you're used to dating the "Bad Boy" try dating a sensitive man, you'll be pleasantly surprised by a man that treats you right physically and emotionally and this will lead to greater intimacy. Men, if you're used to dating the "Bad Girl" try dating the emotionally intelligent woman. You'll find that her sensitivity and how good it makes you feel will far surpass any physical attribute that a "bad girl" may possess.

If you're single, good luck on your relationship search. Remember that you might find true love in places you never thought to look.

Sensitive People make the World a Better Place!

Of course, all people are sensitive creatures, we all have dynamic emotional structures that use to show emotions and be sensitive. Some use it more than others. Traditionally, men have been known to be much less sensitive and show emotions much less or not at all when compared to women. However, this stereotype is fading. There is evidence of this with a term to define this new kind of man, the SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy). Guys, it's okay to be sensitive, it's a good thing, and the women in your life will love you for it.

In our society it's more important than ever to be more sensitive with each other. Some would say that there's certain areas like the workplace where emotions don't have a place, but they are wrong. Emotions and sensitivity have an integral place in every single facet of our society.

It is for this reason that sensitive people are so crucial to the proper functioning of our society. Sensitive people tend to think of how others feel more. They think before they act. They weigh the ramifications of their actions to see how others will be affected.

If you are a sensitive person, congratulations, you should be proud to be such an important person in your circle of influence. Being a hsp (highly sensitive person) myself I know these people often don't feel like this quality of theirs is a good thing. Have confidence, your sensitivity is and always will be an increasingly valuable asset in our society!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

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